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Let me out! ⛓

  • You will end up creating another reference called it in the same scope which…

checkout big-brain-series

This quiz was suggested by Rohan Singh on Twitter, sorry for the delay mate!

Note this post is just one fraction of the ViewBinding Deep Dive I did on my personal blog. If you find it useful do consider checking-out the full In-depth article.

Creating BaseActivity


Creating BaseFragment


It’s not just Another ViewBinding Article 👇🏻

TLDR: You will Learn

  • View-binding not working in all the modules? …

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Sample project completely demonstrating Manual DI

Kotlin | Join to String

kotlin | destructing limitation

Chetan Gupta

Coding enthusiast! love Android #kotlinAlltheWay, want to explore all opportunity around it! CodingMantra: #cleanCoder #TDD #SOLID #designpatterns

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