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If you have ever tried to create your own PIN or OTP view you might have faced pain.

Jetpack compose even though is been stabilized for production use, some functional bugs are still expected to exist.

One of the same bugs which I like to discuss…

👨🏻‍💻 How to create base-class of Activities and Fragment

Note this post is just one fraction of the ViewBinding Deep Dive I did on my personal blog. If you find it useful do consider checking-out the full In-depth article.

Creating BaseActivity




Creating BaseFragment



That’s it! copy these snippets and…

Curious how Kotlin resolve the Java platform’s map?

Most of the Kotlin developers are migrated from the Java environment, they are pretty well versed with uses-cases and application of Collection Framework in the Java platform, but applying the same knowledge in a Kotlin codebase isn’t guaranteed to work always. You…

Learn Pure Native Kotlin DI, which can be migrated to HILT or Dagger in few steps.

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Sample project completely demonstrating Manual DI

Dagger is one of the popular frameworks that has been known for Dependency Injection (DI) for Java and Android platforms. It’s in most of the Android projects whether…

Even been confused or keep forgetting which is called first init blocks or constructors? Never again keep reading…

Hi #androidDevs, This is Androidbites where I try to break down a small concept into an understandable code snippet and share my learning experience with it.

Today we are discussing init blocks, here is a little challenge for you guys, let's see if you could guess the correct out! if you can guess the right output you get a Candy,

if you don’t know then, don’t worry grab your headphones and put on lofi music and read thought my article from below…👇💻

See you on the other side 😈
Happy #Hacking!💻

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Coding enthusiast! love Android #kotlinAlltheWay, want to explore all opportunity around it! CodingMantra: #cleanCoder #TDD #SOLID #designpatterns

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