• Karan Sharma

    Karan Sharma

  • Lucas Schiavini

    Lucas Schiavini

    Software Engineer @ Nelogica. Badass all day errr’ day.

  • Mshossainideas-Tech News & Reviews

    Mshossainideas-Tech News & Reviews

    Mshossainideas is a source of tech news and reviews.It covers smartphone, gadgets, social media and smart devices.Follow to get updated news and reviews.

  • Dáv Lazarte

    Dáv Lazarte

    Intento de Emprendedor y programador, espero no solo quedar en el intento y llegar a serlo.

  • Alex Boykov

    Alex Boykov

    Founder and CEO at Hostman.com cloud platform that deploys and scales web applications

  • Fenil Patel

    Fenil Patel

    Android Engineer || Kotlin Lover || Flutter || React Native || Tech-Writer

  • Samad Talukder

    Samad Talukder

    Android Developer | Kotlin Lover | Flutter Explorer | https://about.me/samadtalukdar

  • Umarilyas


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