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  • Josep Rodriguez

    Josep Rodriguez

    Mobile Tech Lead @ Tigerspike

  • Raphael Stäbler

    Raphael Stäbler

    Software Developer and Entrepreneur at productionbuild.de

  • Marton Braun

    Marton Braun

    Kotliner, Android Dev Advocate @getstream_io, GDE for Kotlin & Android, Android Tech Editor @rwenderlich, Instructor @ BME-VIK.

  • Nelson Osacky

    Nelson Osacky

    Productivity Engineering @ Gradle. Former SoundCloud, Square. Lover of chocolate and running. osacky.com

  • Lucas Nelaupe

    Lucas Nelaupe

    Android developer at @GrabSG focusing on performance at scale.

  • Satya Pavan Kantamani

    Satya Pavan Kantamani

    Android Dev at Toppr. Interested in Traveling, App development. Based in Hyderabad, India. Catch me at https://about.me/satyapavankumar

  • theapache64



  • Aye Aye Mon

    Aye Aye Mon

    I write code for a living.

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